How it works?

Teezily helps you sell custom T-Shirts online.
It's for free and risk free. Share your campaign around you and collect your sales profits!


Create your design in one click

Choose a product and create your design with the Teezilab, our customisation tool. You can upload a file/picture, or create your visual identity thanks to Teezily's multiple functionalities. If you lack inspiration, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our team of graphic designers will be happy to help you.


Launch your campaign

Set your sales goal, the price of the product and your profits on every sale. Name your campaign and write a message for your community. You can then chose to receive all the products at the same place (free bundle option) or the classic delivery.


Share around you

Teezily creates for you a unique URL link that allows you to spread your campaign via social networks and e-mail. Share your creation around you and follow our tips to reach your goal and maximise the orders.


Teezily takes care of everything!

Once you have reached your sales goal, Teezily takes care of the rest. The products are printed in France and sent to each of your buyers within 10 - 15 working days after the end of the campaign. Please note, if your campaign does not reach the sales goal, the pre orders will not be charged and no product will be delivered.


Cash in your profits

All the profits earned will go to you. If you have decided to raise money for a third party, Teezily will directly redistribute the money to the end beneficiary you have chosen within 5 working days.