Living in the farthest depths of the tropical rainforests has not stopped sloths from becoming an adored celebrity of the animal world. With their remarkable slowness, climbing with a relaxed air upside down through the towering jungle trees, the sloth has become a much-loved symbol of life in the slow lane, as animals that look like they know how to take it easy. In a world more hectic and fast-paced than ever, there’s something remarkably appealing about the image of the sloth world, who’s members appear to spend all day doing nothing at all. Drawing on the worlds vast love of sloths, Teezily has a wide range of sloth-inspired t shirts to let you take a bit of the sloth’s slowness with you wherever you go.

Share Your Love of Sloths with a Sloth T Shirt

Our sloth inspired designs run the gamut from simple designs presenting the creatures friendly faces, to a suite of prints riffing on their relaxed reputation. You’ll find plenty of tees to let you express some signature sloth moods, from sleepiness and slowness to a complete lack of worries and a big love of food. As well as this, there are plenty of designs that let you simply show off your love of sloths in general, as well as fun seasonal crossovers that make these tees the perfect gift for a sloth fan at Christmas or Halloween. You’ll also find customizable sloth prints perfect for occasions like Father’s Day and Mother’s Day, which make a unique, personal and cute present for parents who can’t get enough of sloths. Once you’ve picked and personalized your favorite sloth print, you’ll find plenty of options to equally tailor your tee itself. A large palette of t shirt color options will help you find that perfect shade to match your wardrobe, whilst a massive variety of sizes from small up to 5XL will ensure that your sloth t shirt fits well. A t shirt from Teezily is sure to have a classic and comfortable fit, being made from high quality materials, they are 100% cotton and machine washable. With your t shirt design, size and color perfected, you’ll be met with the option for express delivery at the checkout screen, to help you get your sloth shirt as soon as you need it.