Royalty is very much in the news just now. Kings and Queens, princes and princesses, whether at home or abroad, all want a slice of the action! Why not purchase a lovely queen blanket from Teezily, so that you can beautify your home and earn the title that you deserve? Made of the highest quality polyester and weighing just over 35 ounces, the queen blanket is heavenly light, warm and soft to touch. It washes at 30 degrees, requires no ironing and folds for easy storage.

Turn your home into a palace with a Teezily queen blanket

Overall, blankets are wonderful things, warm to touch and beautiful to look at, a combination of quality material, fine production technique and lovely design. Tapestries, wall hangings and blankets are as old as mankind; Hamlet, Prince of Denmark hid behind one, remember? Now, you too can join in the historical action with a lovely Teezily queen blanket. What is more, the queen’s cover is a Sherpa blanket, which means that the texture varies on either side. You can reveal the smooth and fine-knit side, if you wish, or the fluffy side, textured so that it resembles the fleece of the sheep, adding to the glorious tactility of the blanket. Use as a bed cover or as a sofa throw. Place one across your knees on chilly fall nights. Use singly or pile up blankets for extra warmth. Hear your partner laugh loudly as you present him with a Limited Edition "King and Queen" blanket. See your card-playing colleague howl in recognition as the wrapping falls off of the stunning Queen of Spades cover. Make your friend feel a right down regal lady with the gift of a "November Girl" cover, a blanket that you may enhance with matching accessories, shirts and suitcases, mugs and jewelry. Trumpets sound, and lions and unicorns dance. Everybody has a stately side and now is the time to get in touch with yours. Teezily queen blankets are made to the highest standard, a royal one, of course! Remember that fine quality, the stunning look, the heavenly touch and the easy care. And when it comes to gift-giving time, a Teezily queen blanket will remind friends and relatives of your good breeding and theirs: birthday girls, newly-weds, all will treasure an heirloom as precious as one of these blankets.