They're so old they're young again - and have earned the status of cool, however they behave. Here are some reasons for senior celebrations: Grandad dancing - it's like dad dancing, only much, much more entertaining; Grandad advice - you might chuckle at it, but can't help thinking he might be right; and as for his wardrobe - well, some of it's back in fashion, but perhaps it's time he had a new t-shirt?

Custom Tees for Vintage Grandads

There's an infinite variety of grandads, so one size definitely does not fit all. Some are like Gandalf - wise, and occasionally grumpy, with all sorts of magical skills in making and mending. Others don't look or act their age and it's exhausting just listening to their tales of hang-gliding, bungee-jumping or crossing the Andes on a skateboard. Then there are the ones who are the essence of cool. They've been there, done that and got the t-shirt: the Woodstock t-shirt that is, or the Hendrix t-shirt, or the "I watched the first man on the moon live" t-shirt. Unique vintage grandparents deserve custom apparel personalized for them, so design a message, put it on a t-shirt and deliver to your grandpappy, If you can catch him as his Harley disappears in a cloud of smoke that is. Born to be wild! Go man go!