Many people instantly think of Helen Fielding's adorable heroine, Bridget Jones, when they hear this name. In fact, the name Bridget has a much more ancient and illustrious root, deriving from the ancient Gaelic word for 'strength' or 'power'. So if this is your name, it is time to show your power! Teezily's Bridget T-Shirt collection is fun and fabulous, and with plenty of amazing colors and designs to choose from here, you will find exactly what you want with no problem at all. Want to make your clothing even more unique? Add some custom features to your tee!

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Teezily take great care with these T-Shirts. They are: - Flattering - Designed by talented artists - Made from soft and durable 100% cotton fabric So wear your T-Shirt with pride. And, if you have a friend or other loved one called Bridget, a T-Shirt from this clothing range will be the perfect birthday gift for them.


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