Anyone who knows a little math history knows that zero is the coolest guy in the number party. For a long time the European mathematicians didn't even know that he was there, but some of the groovy Indian math gurus keyed them into the fact that zero was totally at the math party with a lot of useful things to add to the mix.

Math shirts are the basis of all mathematician's clothing

Now everyone who knows anything about maths knows that zero is one of the most important numbers to think about when drawing a graph or laying out an equation. If you or a loved one is into maths then you need to grab a cool shirt from Teezily. We have a range of math-themed shirts with cool zero designs that you can wear anywhere. Our shirts are 100% cotton and come in a wide range of sizes, although we shy away from impossible numbers or infinity. They are the perfect gift for a math friend and also add a little extra style to any students wardrobe.


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