Once upon a time, gaming was seen as a slightly nerdy activity, but with celebrity fans coming out of the closet, the appeal of playing video games online or on a console has now become mainstream. And fashionable clothing is following the lead: video games are here to stay.

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8 bit art is enjoying a renaissance as the generation that grew up with Sega and Nintendo join the groundswell of happy nostalgia with any number of cool designs on a T-shirt. It all started with the French guerrilla Invader but his torch has been carried by like-minded fans in every country of the world. Modern RPGs and social media gaming lend themselves to shirt designs and characters from Pacman to Princess Peach are instantly recognised and bring a smile to everyone's face. Almost any video game can be reimagined as a T-shirt so pick your favourites and let your imagination run wild. T-shirts are available in men, women and unisex styles in all common sizes.


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