As one of the fastest growing participation sports in the UK, everybody seems to love a bit of triathlon these days. Whether you want to buy a gift for a friend who simply can't get enough of it, or you want T-shirts made up for a race event, our wide range of race-themed clothing is everything you need.

Tailored triathlon T-shirts

When you order a triathlon T-shirt from us, you can choose to have it tailor made to your needs with personalised words, whether that's the name of an event, individuals or even both. Graphics include the three elements of the sport: bike, swimming and running. All of our T-shirt options come in a wide choice of print colour, sizes and fits making the total choice impressive. Raise money for charity by selling triathlon shirts or personalise a batch for all team members entering a certain race. What better way to find the whole group than with team-branded shirts? Team tees can be worn for training as well as for occasions. Order your triathlon clothing from us today, well ahead of your next big race or event.