For those who love the beautiful island of Sri Lanka will surely love one of our equally stunning Sri Lankan themed shirts. A country full of exquisite natural treasures from herds of wild elephants to pristine beaches and lush mountainsides covered with aromatic Ceylon tea plantations. Our Sri Lankan inspired clothing includes colourful sweatshirts and hoodies, as well as a variety of shirt styles, to fit kids and adults.

Be Inspired By Sri Lanka And Design Your Own Clothing Range

Take the plunge and design a logo or download a gorgeous photo for your shirt, and add the accompanying words on Teezily’s free online platform. It’s hassle free and with no outlay it couldn’t be easier. Whether you are raising money for a Sri Lankan environmental charity, wildlife trust or humanitarian project Teezily can help you launch your campaign via our social media friendly platform. Once your target number is reached Teezily will dispatch your shirts around the globe and spread your message worldwide. What makes all of our super cool shirts so unique is that they are created by motivated people like you who have a special connection to this South Asian island.


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