If you’d like to make a point about needlecraft, why not use a stylish sewing t-shirt as your medium? Whether sewing is a pastime or a profession to you, you’ll enjoy the many t-shirts we offer, each saying something slightly different to the last. The thing that threads them all together is the Teezily crowd of online designers, which has an incredibly wide-spanning view of life.

Craft Yourself a Neat T-shirt Design

Make your passion for needlework known with an original sewing t-shirt from Teezily. Our sewing shirts carry many amusing or thoughtful messages, some accompanied by striking graphics. Sewing machines, buttons, scissors, thread, needles and other sundry items are boldly depicted. Whatever your relationship is with sewing, we offer a way of expressing it. The types of shirt we sell vary greatly, too, whether you’d like a t-shirt, vest, sweatshirt or hoodie. Most garments are unisex, while the short-sleeved garments are available female-specific. They’re made in easy-to-match colours, as well, so there’s no issue with wardrobe clashes. Most of our shirts are ready to wear as they are, but sometimes you’ll find customisable designs that let you add your own name for a personal touch. Say what you feel about sewing on a t-shirt—order yours soon!


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