Having a rose on your T-Shirt is just not suitable for St Valentine’s Day at Teezily. Whether you prefer a pink, red or white flower, or more even subtler shades like blue or yellow, a floral shirt creates a feminine design and brings colour even to the drabbest day. It might be a single flower or a bunch in a snazzy vase. There must be millions of ways to make a floral T-Shirt your own. Less is generally more so simple shapes are best when it comes to customisation.

Our Guide To Stylized Roses on Your Clothing.

The outline or silhouette of a rose creates a romantic image with thorns creating a sting in a tail, if you prefer something a bit more sharp on your T-Shirt. By making the thorns in shadow you don't spoil the overall shape. Alternatively, you might like rose petals on your T-Shirt? Red on black is a clever way to stand out in that case. There's always the option a plain rose pink one with the writing of your choice, whatever personalised design it can be accommodated by Teezily.