Cos you gotta know when to roll 'em, know when to iron them, know when to wear them and know when to wash. Everybody loves a good game of poker, it is not about matching the symbols on the cards it is about winning the battle of wits, outsmarting your feeble opponents and walking away with a great big pile of chips. This poker cool shirt is the nuts.

Fab bespoke poker shirts

If you take part in one of the regular card nights in the pub or at a friend's house and you are the reigning champion, what better way to spend your winnings than on a t-shirt which commemorates your triumph? The beauty of Teezily clothing is that you can tweak designs to suit yourself. For example, if you beat dozy old Rueben's straight with four of a kind, you can get Four Jacks printed all winking. Optional extras include your name, details of the prize pot and any poker nickname you might have. When all your mates see your new T-shirt, their hearts will be as black as the ace of spades.


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