Who can resist the adorable panda especially when printed on a great shirt? The iconic WWF logo was inspired by the famous Chi-Chi, a giant panda who lived in London Zoo back in the 1960s. Why not design a classic graphic logo yourself and have it printed on a shirt by Teezily. You may find inspiration from others who already have their themed clothing available for purchase on the Teezily crowdfunding website. Raise awareness, raise funds, create a buzz on social media and get your panda shirt noticed.

Cool Animal Lovers Clothing

Not only will you look great in a panda shirt, hoodie or sweatshirt you’ll be supporting conservation and animal protection groups and charities promote their deserving causes. In just a few straight forward steps you can join them by uploading a cute photo adding some meaningful text and start your own worthy fund raising project. Teezily will produce your high-quality panda merchandise and ship around the globe once you’ve attained your minimum sales target. There is an array of exciting colours, sizes and styles to choose from – it's just up to you to design a cool shirt.


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