The name Maya is the name of goddesses in several mythologies, including in both Indian and Greek mythology. An amazing, ancient name, Maya looks fantastic on a T-Shirt, too. So why not get one from Teezily's clothing collection?

You will look great in a T-Shirt from this collection

These T-Shirts will help to freshen up your wardrobe. If you want to add even more of a unique touch, you can have your T-Shirt personalised to reflect your own unique look. If you know somebody called Maya, this T-Shirt collection is the ideal place to find a gift for them, too. And, you can have it personalised for them to make that present even more thoughtful. When you purchase a T-Shirt from this collection it will be: - Creatively designed by a clothing expert - Available in a colour that suits you - Made from top quality cotton (all Teezily T-Shirts are 100% cotton)


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