Why would you want to go anywhere else if you live in London? It is the best city in the world. Now you can make a statement with your clothing in these cool shirts, and represent your city.

Mens and ladies shirts with cool Britannia icons - made just for you

Did you know that 85% of visitors to Madame Tussaud's are foreigners? Yep, it's true folks, we are too busy hanging out at places that are actually cool. You can see it every day on Oxford Street and The Houses of Parliament, groups of gormless Spaniards dawdling around in T-shirts that say 'I love London', well the joke really is on them now when you step out in one of these luxury London T-shirts exclusive to Teezily. Londoners already love their city, and this is your chance to show it off loud and proud. Our designs include popular sights, the ubiquitous pigeon and street art. It is all about you.


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