Sex and the City's Carrie made it cool to wear your name on a necklace, but here at Teezily we're a bit more bold - we think it's better to wear your name on your T-Shirt. Teezily's different from other brands in more way than one though, as all our merchandise is designed by you and for you! So, whatever you think should be on a T-Shirt, you'll find it at Teezily.

Heidi clothing to make your heart sing

Our range of personalised Heidi attire will make your heart sing just like your famous, mountain dwelling name sake. You'll find witty puns, clever slogans and unique logos all bearing the Heidi tag. Out women's range of clothes offers something for Heidi’s everywhere, while the unisex and men's T-Shirt ranges lets anyone shout at about their love of a good Heidi. Don't forget to specify your preferred colour of T-Shirt when ordering, because there's loads to choose from, and you're spoilt for choices with sizes too, which run from S-5XL.