From Nightingale to The Machine, history is filled with famous Florence. Now you can become one of them by choosing a fresh and stylish T-Shirt from Teezily's themed collection. We have created a fantastic collection of T-Shirts all themed around the name Florence.

Now is the time to celebrate your name in an individual style

If you like, you can add an additional layer of originality by having your T-Shirt personalised. As well as being a wonderful gift to yourself if your name is Florence, a T-Shirt from this collection would also make a splendid gift for a loved one who goes by that name. And who would not want to celebrate being called Florence? This beautiful name comes from the Latin verb 'floreo' which means 'to blossom' or 'to burst into flower'. Key selling points of these T-Shirts include: - Their fabric - a hundred percent high quality cotton - Their designs - stylish, cool and original - The variety - lots of colours and styles to choose from