Don't be fooled into believing that Belfast is only a city break of historical interest for the over 50's. It is, of course, a city break of historical interest but also a thriving, fun and upcoming city for groups of all interests and ages. That's why fans of this fantastic city flock to wear Teezily's Belfast T-shirt.

Celebrate Brand Belfast on Your T-shirt

There's no better way to celebrate this warm and vibrant city than to announce your adoration on a cool shirt. Whether you're a Belfast babe, fan of the murals or one of city's party animals, this shirt from our clothing range can be tailored to your interests or itinerary. A Teezily T-shirt is 100% cotton with a scoop neck, available in a range of sizes, with long or short sleeves depending on your preference and printed on demand with your favourite slogan, image or motif. So whether it's winter or summer, a pub crawl or celebration of traditional Irish music, a Belfast T-shirt is the must have item of clothing in your personal ensemble.


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