My order

Fill in the information relative to the product ordered: choose the size of the product and order an extra unit by clicking on "add a product".

Fill in the payment information: your surname and name, your email, your delivery address and your mean of payment (VISA, Mastercard, PayPal).

And that's it! You do not need to create an account to place an order.

Absolutely not! Teezily does not communicate, in any case, your name or last name or other information to the creator of the campaign.

Once your order is confirmed, you will receive an email which will contain all the information relative to your purchase (name of the campaign, size and quantity(ies) ordered, amount paid, etc.). Sent by Teezily, this email allows us to confirm that your order has been taken into account.

In case you do not receive an email from us, no stress! Wait a few more minutes, refresh your inbox and verify your spam inbox. If you still haven't received anything, write us a message over the contact form and we will get back to you immediately.

Teezily ensures you an impeccable service thanks to a selection of perfectly finished products and top of the range printing techniques.


No. Your credit/debit card is charged only if the campaign reaches its goal. The billing of your order is processed on the day your campaign ends. However, if the campaign does not reach its goal, your bank account will not be charged.

You can pay your order by credit card (Visa, Mastercard) or via Paypal. Attention: Disposable bank e-cards are not accepted.

When making your payment, it is possible that a credit/debit card verification is required. This verification is made within the 3D Secure procedure and is used to reinforce the security of the payments. You then need to follow the authentication modalities of your bank to allow Teezily to make sure you are the holder of the credit/debit card used.

The CVV or security code is a 3 digit security code that you will find on the back of your credit card/debit card. It is essential to provide it at the time of your payment to allow Teezily to confirm your order.

Thanks to a HTTPS protocol, your payment is secured and assures you that all your banking information will be transferred to Teezily following an entirely secured protocol.

The collection of your credit/debit card data is operated by Be2bill, approved payment solution. Teezily does not store any data related to your bank card.

Your payment has not been registered? Contact-us by using the contact form. We want to provide your with the best service and quality and we will answer you as soon as possible.


Delivery times for shipping in Europe vary between 10 to 15 working days following the day the campaign has ended.

The shipping costs are indicated by Teezily on the order form.

Teezily commits to process the order within 10 to 15 working days following the day the campaign has ended.

The delivery time indicated is the period stipulated for delivery and corresponds to the time used to print, process, prepare and ship the order.

Creating my campaign

To launch a campaign, visit the "Teezilab", Teezily's customisation tool.

It is completely free! Thanks to Teezily's way of operation, you will not have any upfront costs. It is easy and risk free.

The "Teezilab" is our unique customisation tool. Thanks to its multiple innovative features, it allows anyone to create a T-Shirt you can be proud of in 3 steps.

We recommend you to use files/ pictures .png, .gif, .jpg, .jpeg and .eps. Note that the quality of your products depends on the uploaded file.

Teezily's customisation tool alerts you if the quality of the file/ pictures is insufficient.

If you have any questions or difficulties regarding your design, please write us an email via the contact form.

Write us via the contact form. Our team is at your disposal to answer your questions concerning the customisation tool.

The minimum sales goal is 10 products. There is no maximum target, you can plan to sell as many T-Shirts as you want!

You must have an account to create a campaign on Teezily. This step is very quick and easy, and it is done just after the creation of your product. You will have to give your name, surname, email address and choose a password.

For an even faster registration, consider using "Facebook Connect" or "Google Connect" that will allow you to register in a click.

Once your account is created, you will receive an email to notify you that we have registered the creation of your account.

You are free to set the price you want. However, this price must be greater or equal to the base price displayed. In order to make your product available to the widest audience possible, we suggest you add to the base price a profit between 2 and 5€ maximum per product.

Yes, you absolutely have to set a sales goal. Indeed, depending on the goal you set, the displayed based cost will vary. The greater your goal is, the smaller the base price we will offer you will be. Be aware, it is essential to set a realistic sales goal because the T-Shirts will be manufactured only if you reach that goal.

No, it is possible for you not to set profits. The buyers of your T-Shirts will then pay the base price we offer when you create your campaign. You do not collect any profit. It may be particularly relevant not to set profits for events between friends.

Of course! You can save your creation at any time by clicking on the "save" button. To save your draft, you will have to create an account.

All the campaigns are made public when you share them on social networks. They stay private as long as no campaign participant gives out the URL you shared with them.

Share the campaign over social networks, send emails to your friends and family, create an event on Facebook. You have plenty of possibilities to create the buzz and talk about your campaign!

A campaign can last between 24 hours and 20 days. Please note, if you create a product for an event, you must consider the delivery times and determine the length of your campaign depending on the date you want to receive your products.

Manage my campaign

There is no limit to the number of products you can sell during a campaign. The more you sell, the more profits you will collect.

You can access your account to have a look at your campaign statistics and the evolution of your sales at any time.

If you don't reach the sales goal you have set, the buyers will not be charged and the manufacturing, printing and shipping of the products will not take place.

If you want to close your campaign, go to your account.

Cash in my profits

The base price displayed in the customisation module already includes the manufacturing, printing and logistic costs. In no case Teezily will charge a percentage of the profit per product you have set.

You can request the payment of your profits once you have reached your sales goal and the campaign is over. To receive your payment you can choose between 3 options: bank transfer, Paypal, Payoneer.

If you have created a campaign for an association or an organisation, the profits raised will directly be donated by Teezily to the beneficiary you chose.

If the profits you have received are a temporary "one off" or a small amount, Teezily invites you to contact your tax service in order to seek the possibility to declare it as exceptional income.

Your bank transfer request will be processed by our team within 5 working days. A second email will be sent to you once your request has been registered and processed. You will receive your bank transfer 48 hours later.

Manage my account

If you have lost or forgotten your password, no need to worry. Just go the "Log In" section and click on "Forgot your password?". You can then enter your email address and we will send you the instructions to follow in order for you to change your password.

Designed by Facebook, "Facebook Connect" allows to log in with your Facebook account in a click. You no longer have to fill in your name, last name, email address or to choose a password. It's fast and easy.

No information will be shared on your Facebook profile unless you have allowed Teezily to do so, you can use "Facebook Connect" with confidence.

To modify your personal information, simply log in to Teezily and go the "My account" section.

Contact us by using the contact form or by sending an email to the address so we can deactivate and close your account.

Teezily ensures you an impeccable service thanks to a selection of perfectly finished products and top of the range printing techniques.