These soft, warm and wonderful blankets make snug coverings when the weather turns frosty. Made in a variety of prints, a selection of the covers can be customized by the customer, with graphics and images in popular colors. Made of high-quality polyester and weighing a deliciously light 32.5 oz, this construction ensures that the blankets are a delight to touch. The soft fleece fabric retains a high volume of air, a feature that ensures maximum warmth. The covers wash in a standard, 30-degree machine cycle. When not in use, they fold and store easily

Unique and lovely unicorn blankets from the Sherpa fleece blanket collection

Unicorns are mythical and these blankets are too, made in a variety of styles and colors! Very young people will prefer the gentle, pastel lilacs and pinks while older customers will reach for the bolder and more vibrant colors and styles. And the graphics? A combination of cheek and charm, culture and elegance ensure that the range has a product to suit a variety of tastes! And the customer can add personalizing details to the unicorn blanket range for infants, a feature that transforms a good and useful cover into a gift to treasure for always. The secret of their lightness and warmth lies in the polyester microfleece fabric, which has the texture of the softest wool. Air fills the spaces between those millions of tiny microfibers, which is regulated by body temperature, thus ensuring a perpetual and wonderful bio-cycle of warmth transferred between blanket and your anatomy! Of course, the blankets have a multitude of uses, as an extra layer on winter beds or as a light covering on sultry, summer nights. Use them singly or create a blanket stack, adding or removing one as the temperature dictates. With their exquisite patterning, you will want to throw one over the sofa in your living room! Place over the baby in the cot and wrap around the driver in the car, cover your toes on a frosty night or simply use to add character to a room. Remember, the blankets are washable. Present as a birthday gift to a favorite relative, mark the nuptials of a special friend or win the heart of a child with a magical unicorn blanket. The Teezily company provides the finest of goods, delivered direct to you. Once placed, the orders – which the customer may trace – arrive in just over two days.