This clothing range features a wide variety of designs themed around the name Sylvie. All you forest dwellers out there take note: this Sylvie T-Shirt collection is for you. The lovely name 'Sylvie' derives from the Latin word for 'forest'. It's an ancient and enchanting name, and one you should be proud about owning. To show your love for your name, why not get a T-Shirt from Teezily's exciting collection?

These T-Shirts are also great gifts for Sylvie’s everywhere

If you know somebody called Sylvie and you want to give them a special gift, purchasing a T-Shirt from this collection at Teezily is an excellent idea. You can even have some custom features added to the T-Shirt so that it perfectly reflects their individual style. In honor of the Latin root of the name, you could opt for a forest green T-Shirt from this clothing collection, too! All of these tops are: -Crafted from 100% cotton -Available in lots of colors and sizes -Imaginatively designed -Flattering and fashionable -Available with custom features if you wish


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