Whether as a haunting Halloween staple, a brooding memento mori, as a gothic touch, or just because they look cool, skulls have become a massive part of visual design across all sorts of subcultures and all over pop culture. From the graveyard musings of Hamlet, to the painted and patterned calaveras of Mexico, the skull has long held the human imagination, breaking into the contemporary world of fashion through designs from the likes of Alexander McQueen. With the unbeatable range of skull hoodie designs available at Teezily, you’ll be sure to find the perfect skull design to suit you.

Flaunt Death with a Skull Hoodie

The line-up of skull hoodies at Teezily cover a broad range of styles and influences. From classic and sparse gothic skulls to the bejeweled and patterned bones of calaveras, there are skull designs and prints for everybody. You’ll find variations on skull iconography ranging from flowered patterns to the steampunk aesthetic, alongside iconic skull logos like that of the Punisher, as well as designs that reference music and art, perfect if you are a fan of metal, the macabre or both. You’ll also find plenty of sports references from famous wrestlers to Basketball teams. Particularly diverse are the skull prints made from a collage of images, which sit alongside traditional designs running from classic military insignia to designs with some counter cultural, rock and roll flair. Once you have picked your preferred skull hoodie print, you’ll find that there are yet more options to get that perfect skull piece of clothing. The unbeatable range of the Teezily store means that many prints can be transferred to other clothes and accessories. Once you’ve settled on your print and garment, you’ll find yet more customization options letting you pick a size and color, as well as the chance for personal texts or images on some print designs. As well as offering children’s sizes, hoodies range from small to 5XL, whilst the array of colors runs from classic hoodie blacks and greys, to reds, greens and oranges. Regardless of your combination of size, color and print, you’re promised a high-quality hoodie with a kangaroo pocket, lined hood and lace up front. No matter what custom hoodie you pick and choose, there is an express delivery option available at the checkout so that your skull hoodie will arrive on time.