Breathable and soft, these quality Sherpa fleece blankets keep your warm even on the coldest days of the year. From the office to your home, a handy rainbow blanket makes you feel cozy anywhere. Wrap yourself with one while reading a book and watching a movie or share it with someone special while you snuggle. Used as a throw, they also add some flare and character to any living space. A fuzzy blanket with rainbow colors is perfect for kids and adults, creating a bright and vivid look that is instantly comforting when you are feeling cold.

Soft and comfy rainbow blanket throws

Soft to the touch, these comfy Sherpa blankets have a faux fur side to keep you snug and warm. A smooth fleece surface boasts a bright and fun rainbow design of your choosing. These lightweight and multi-functional blankets are also ideal for travel. Pack them when you head off on a camping trip or road trip and feel cozy regardless of where you are traveling. From checkers to polka dots, rainbow colors look beautiful in virtually any pattern. Our luxurious looking blankets create fashionable and colorful accent pieces on your bed, sofa or chair. Just by adding a rainbow blanket to a room, you can create a warm and inviting living space. With popular designs featuring rainbow colors, an ultra soft blanket is also a perfect gift idea for loved ones. A stylish rainbow blanket makes for a cute housewarming gift as well as fun presents for birthdays and holidays. Find great rainbow designs for your professionally printed custom blanket from Teezily. Whether you throw them over your sofa or keep them on your favorite chair for easy access when the days turn cooler, these cheery and fun blankets offer exceptional comfort and warmth. They are ideal for nurseries, porch seating, daybeds, and much more. Simple to fold and store, our fleece blankets are easy to wash and maintain. They are also made using premium ink and tough 100% polyester, modern and high-quality materials that deliver long lasting enjoyment and comfort. From personalized gifts to unique accessories, Teezily has something for everyone including attractive blankets for all ages. Once you choose your trendy and fun rainbow inspired graphic from our many lap blanket and fleece throw designs, we offer quick printing and processing. We will also deliver your custom order right to your door.