Be fashionably foxy in one of these wonderful fox t shirts by Teezily. Made in a range of sizes and colors, these quality cotton and polyester shirts are colorful and practical, and styled to suit every occasion. Choose a vest top, short or long-sleeved shirt, hooded sweat shirt and even, a button-open baseball jacket. Special features include lined hoods, lace-up fronts and kangaroo pockets. So, outsmart your friends and colleagues now in a Teezily fox t shirt!

Max your animal magnetism in a Teezily fox t shirt

Foxes are famously cute and smart animals, and who are ever able to work their way out of tricky situations or even, find their way into mischief – of the fun kind, of course! Now, you can share in a slice of this fox-chic by wearing a Teezily fox t shirt. And with over seven hundred designs to choose from, you just cannot fail to find the one that matches your personality. Essentially, foxes are just like us, by turns glamorous and shady, eminently sociable and able to twinkle at the cocktail bar, yet just as ready to slink through the night time forest and howl at the moon. And we don’t stop at foxes; this t shirt range includes graphics lauding their terrier companions! No activity would be complete without a great outfit to match and, dressed in one of our fox t shirts, you can enjoy hill-walking and football pushing and twist into every yoga position imaginable. If the lounge-lizard lifestyle is more to your taste, then you will find a glamorous fox t shirt to match glittery jeans and dress trousers, and for teaming with dancing pumps and evening sandals! Your search begins here; the fox t shirt designs are produced as vest tops, short and long sleeves, V-necks and crew necks, hooded shirts and button through jackets. Our foxes cast their spells in magical Halloween graphics and outshine the Christmas lights with seasonal messages. With those sharp ears, red fur and bushy tails, Teezily foxes look stunning against the palette of shirt colors on offer: black, grey, blue, navy and for very foxy ladies, pink. And because of the range of sizes, from S to XL, you cannot fail to find a fabulous gift for your own little foxes, at any time of year. Really, Reynard never look better; visit the Teezily website and bring out your inner fox, today!


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