South America is famous for its cuisine, its sunny days and fun-filled nights, handsome guys and lovely ladies steeped in style, all the better to step along to that rhythmic music, to get in tune for partying and dancing. Now, in a Teezily Colombia hoodie, you too can join in this Latin hubris! Made of quality polyester and cotton, this collection of t shirts, sweat shirts and hooded tops is made in colors that you and your friends will love. But what marks these fashionable garments out as definitely Teezily is the fabulous and exclusive graphic and logo combo that adorns each one!

Strike it hot in a cool Colombia hoodie

When on the move, everyone needs a versatile wardrobe, quality tops to team with skirts and jeans, items that you can wear in every situation and that are as practical as they are stylish - and that you can wear again and again. A culture that is over 3,000 years old cannot fail to inspire with its art and music, history and political changes. And this rich heritage inspires the Teezily collection of Colombia vests and t shirts, sweat shirts and hoodies. In fact, selected designs from this collection adorn accessorizing mugs. Really, the graphics have to be seen to be appreciated and working in combo with slogans that celebrate every aspect of your life, from work days to holidays and special celebrations, they are irresistible! Who will not laugh when you declare yourself a salsa super-hero, a Latino lover, a soccer-playing Senor or a Colombian cycling champ? And Teezily has not forgotten the Senoritas, who will find a range of moderately curved – for better fitting – shirts and vests, in which to measure up to the boys! When it comes to gift-giving time, you will have no problem finding the Colombia hoodie that is right for your loved one – partner, child, friend – from among this vibrant collection. South America is reputed for nothing so much as its carnival colors and in this sizzling collection you will find blue, orange, grey, red, purple, pink, green and others. The Colombia hoodies are made in classic fit, while a selection of the vests and t shirts are moderately curved, the better to fit the ladies. Sizes range from S to 3XL and special features include laced fronts, lined hoods and kangaroo pockets.


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