Reaching dizzying heights is all in a day's work for an avid climber, but now you can enjoy the height of fashion with a Teezily climbing t-shirt. An awesome gift for those who are crazy about climbing, there are many designs to browse through, some of which can be personalized. You can even create your own.

Custom Made for Climbers

Show the world what climbing means to you and create a climbing t-shirt that you can be proud to wear. It couldn't be easier, and you can even sell your design for a little extra cash. Here's how; 1) Head to the Teezilab and create your t-shirt. Quick, easy and flexible, the lab allows you to choose your own image and text, and choose from a wide range of styles, colors and fonts. 2) Give us a sales target and share your tee across social media. 3) When your sales target is reached, we'll print and ship your t-shirts directly to buyers, and you get to take home the profit. There's no risk involved, and if you don't reach your sales target, you don't lose anything. We use to best materials and employ modern printing techniques to create a professional looking, comfortable tee that you'll love!


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