Woven in a resistant cotton of very good quality, our Breton style t-shirts favor all the silhouettes, those of the true Celts and the fans of the peninsula Armoricaine in general. Declined in multiple models, this garment shows your support for Gwen-Ha-Du: the famous Breton flag that floats in the sea!

If you are in love with Brittany, here's your breton clothing

Each of our t-shirts sports a funny and punchy slogan to exalt your origins or your love for this beautiful region. Some even display the map. Fixed by a screen printing process that incorporates them durably to the fabric, all printed patterns will remain legible on your chest for a long time. Easy to maintain, cotton is a safe bet, a soft material, comfortable and comfortable to wear. Our multilingual messages are written in French, Breton, Italian and obviously English for the Celtic cousins of the green Ireland.