We all need to think outside the box sometimes and now Teezily is offering you the range of shirts and accessories that will place you fashion-wise, ahead of the crowd. The Teezily box t shirt collection is an entire style phenomenon of sweat shirts, jackets, phone cases, pendants, tote bags and mugs. All products are manufactured to the usual Teezily standard, with garments made of a quality cotton and polyester mix. And with our incomparable range of graphics, colors and sizes, you cannot fail to find a gift to suit every person and every occasion.

Bring out your inner champ in a Teezily box t shirt!

Everyone loves to receive a gift that reflects their flair, style and dynamism, and that shows off their person and personality to perfection. Now, Teezily is presenting you with a Christmas tree-load of garments, styles and gift ideas. See your Dad jump into character as he pulls on a shirt celebrating his boxing style! Hear your Mom laugh aloud as she unwraps her special boxing gift – and see the family pet growl as he faces a rival upon the front of a Teezily tank, sweat shirt or hoodie - and the Teezily box t shirt is without limits! Wear a tank or sweat shirt while taking part in your favorite sport or even, playing the role of spectator, while out on country walks or enjoying down-town fun. Team with casual jeans, smart trousers, track suit pants and, of course, sporting shorts. And ladies may want to wear the fitted box items with short and longer skirts, all the better for dancing in. Give the gift of Teezily box t shirt to one of the littler people in your life and watch him or her grow into a big champ. Truly, with a Teezily shirt, you cannot fail to find your inner boxer! All of the Teezily brand’s usual quality features are in evidence: the laced fronts and lined hoods, the classic fit for the majority of body shapes and for ladies who may prefer the moderately curved fit. Remember, the Teezily box range of gifts is incomparable: garments include t-shirts, tank tops, vests and jackets, while a number of the graphics emblazon phone cases, pendants, tote bags and mugs. Colors in evidence are black, navy, red, blue, grey, pink, green and orange, among others, while garment sizes range from S to 3XL.


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