Bears are funny animals, grumpy and demanding, yet cuddly and charismatic. They are born in many sizes and varieties, from the small and cute koala, to the giant grizzly - no wonder then the species has inspired an entire range of Teezily shirts. Whatever your size, shape and taste in clothing, you will find a fabulous Teezily bear hoodie to match your personality. Mammas, Pappas, baby bears all, will greatly enjoy looking through the Teezily selection of quality cotton and polyester t shirts, sweatshirts and hoodies, and because they are made in many colors and sizes – S to 3XL – you are sure to find one that is just right, for you.

Surprise your friends with a fabulous, Teezily bear hoodie

Going into the woods is ever a challenge, what with cold breezes, night frosts and the inevitable rain – not to mention the perils of getting lost. Now, the incomparable Teezily firm has come to the rescue with its amazing collection of bear hoodies! Warm, snug and made of the finest materials, the quality and variety of these tops and shirts has to be seen to be appreciated. The Teezily graphics' team has done the bear population proud with this line-up of grizzlies, polars and sweeter-than sweet koalas at rest and at play, up in trees and on the ground, swimming and climbing – bears do not differ much from humans, actually! They love to meet and eat, to talk and dance and sing. And like us, bears get hungry and tired and want to lie down and rest. In a Teezily bear hoodie, vest or jacket, you can be as dressed down or as glamorous as you wish. And your friends will gasp, laugh and hug you with delight when you present the gift of a bear hoodie. Be aware that a number of the shirts can be personalized with the addition of a name, e.g. Goldilocks! The sizes of the bear hoodie range from S to 3Xl, while colors include black, blue, purple, red, orange, green and mauve. Styles include long and short sleeves, round necks and hoodies, and watch out for features such as lined hoods and laced fronts. The majority of the shirts are suitable for both men and women, but a number are slightly fitted and aimed at the female form. Place your online order with Teezily; await our swift delivery service and prepare your picnic for the woods, today!


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