If you’re deeply into yoga, you’ll know a Dandasana from a Savasana, but do you have a yoga t-shirt in your wardrobe? If not, now’s your chance to grab a unique shirt design created by one of our imaginative audience designers. The t-shirts carry all kinds of messages, whether funny, passionate, profound, quirky or off the wall.

T-shirt Printing for Mind and Body

When you buy from Teezily, your yoga t-shirt might be a ready-to-wear item straight off the virtual shelf, or it could be one of our many personalised garments where you add your own name or details. Either way, the choice you’ll get is amazing with products that are ideal for any type of socialising, whether with fellow yoga enthusiasts or non-practising friends. Wherever you happen to be going and whatever you’re doing, why not make a statement about the spiritual and ascetic discipline you love? You’ll find all kinds of designs, perhaps depicting popular yoga poses or making statements about the yoga way of life. The t-shirts come in a range of sizes, too, and in colours that harmonise easily with your existing clothes. Men’s and women’s styles are available. Fix your Drishti on a yoga t-shirt and buy one today!


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