Dear lovers of the grape, why not express exactly what wine means to you with a unique wine t-shirt? Perhaps it means conviviality, love, truth, or all three and more. Teezily t-shirts are designed by our creative community, often expressing ideas, humour, passion and sheer quirkiness that cannot be found elsewhere. Let’s raise a glass to that.

A Good Wine Design Needs No Bush

"Good wine needs no bush", says the proverb, and the same is true of a good wine t-shirt design. Regardless of your taste in wine, we’re confident you’ll find some wine-themed shirts among our collection that'll please your palate. Some of the shirts are customisable, so you can add your own name or details for a more individual flavour. Perhaps you belong to a wine society, in which case personalised garments are ideal for group outings to venues such as vineyards or wine bars. The t-shirts come in numerous colours, though burgundy seems particularly apt. A wide choice of sizes is available, too, as well as styles suitable for both men and women. Whatever your relationship with wine is, you’ll capture its essence with an original Teezily t-shirt. Order yours today!


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