If you’re a welding professional and love your job, or even if you don’t, say something funny or philosophical about your trade with an amusing welding t-shirt. You’re sure to braze an eyebrow or two (artistic license used). At Teezily, our own army of designers regularly creates a superb, diverse range of tee-shirt designs that are witty or thought-provoking. Wear a welding t-shirt and bond with other welders.

Fix Yourself a Personalised Design

Welders are practical guys who are handy at fixing things, so why not fix yourself a welding t-shirt? Teezily t-shirts for welders contain lots of eye-catching graphics and thoughtful statements, all depicting the life of a welder. Often there's a humorous slant. Some garments can be personalised with your own name or other custom details. Our t-shirts are tailored for both men and women and come in a selection of styles: classic short-sleeved shirts and slim vests. Items are sold in various colours, too, so just pick one you like or that matches your existing clothes. It’s easy to get cosy in these 100% cotton t-shirts as well. Just slip one on, hit the town and relax with friends. No one does bonding better than a welder.


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