When our Mums and Dads were getting married, back in the day, it was all very formal and probably not much fun. These days wedding parties are all about having a great time. The Bride (and Groom) can do whatever they want, and that includes getting a load of T-shirts made up so people are in no doubt who is Queen Bee.

Customise your wedding with a cool shirt made by you

Wedding T-shirts from Teezily can be made to your exact requirements and are available in male and female cuts from small (okay for children) right up to XXXXXL (Fat uncle Ali). If you do not want a formal do, you can say the clothing code is for everyone to wear this cool T-shirt, it will be a scream and nobody is allowed to opt out of wearing your shirt because what you say goes. Looking back over the photos in years to come you'll be glad you made the choices you did, it was a fab day. Let's raise a glass to the newlyweds: "Many happy years to an outstanding couple!"


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