For those who have proudly served the Queen and the country in the armed forces, the title of 'Veteran' is a badge of honour, but not one that should be worn on clothing without due care and respect. On armistice day and occasions of national mourning, it is correct for veterans to wear their service uniform and any medals.

Cool shirt options with the dignity becoming of a veteran

But what about normal days? Many choose to get a tattoo of the squadron insignia (although this is generally frowned upon) so a safer alternative could be the Veteran T-shirt array from Teezily which can be customised to suit your own experiences. Using the simple t-shirt interface you can pick and choose which symbolism you would like to include on your clothing, choose from stock designs and graphic templates then add in your own details for the perfect veteran T-shirt. Sizes are available in both men and women shapes up to XXXXXL. Everyone who has served knows the unwritten rules about showing ones colours on civvy street but the Help for Heroes campaign has normalised the identity of ex service men and women.