Tribal designs have been popular on and off for many years, with Maori or Celtic symbols being especially sought after. Teezily t-shirts include all kinds of cool tribal symbols, giving the wearer a cool kind of aura or mystique. The diverse designs come from our own tribe of audience creators, who draw on many sources of inspiration to make their tribal art.

t-shirt Leading the clan in a stylish tribal t-shirt

Anyone who loves symbolic designs will appreciate the Teezily tribal range, which comes from our own indigenous crowd. Choose from a collection of finished, ready-to-wear shirts or add your name to one of our personalised garments and make it entirely your own. If you’re a dab hand at graphic design, perhaps you’ll have a go at imagining, printing and selling your own tribal gear. This process is free of charge using the Teezily website. Among the products we sell are tees with short and long sleeves, close-fitting tank tops, sweatshirts and hoodies. Our garments come in a wide choice of sizes and easy-to-match colours, making them easy to sync with denim jeans and most casual trousers. Made from comfy 100% cotton, our stylish shirts are sure to appeal to all tribesmen and women.


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