Which US president was the manliest? Theodore 'Teddy' Roosevelt Jr. He rode moose, fought bears, and won a Noble Peace Prize. Most importantly he is how Teddy became both a name and a cuddly bear. Is there a name that would be better on a cool T-Shirt than Teddy? No, there's not, just in case you were in any doubt.

Only the best clothing and the coolest shirts have Teddy all over them

A T-Shirt from Teezily is almost perfection. But, you'll want to add a certain something special to it and you must know what's next. Teddy's name needs to be on this T-Shirt as it will be the perfect way to commemorate a big event. We have a great selection of colours and sizes from s to 5xl. Our clothing is great for young and old, ladies and gentlemen and they come in short sleeves or long sleeves all with a round neck. All you need is one of our smart and witty slogans and you're done. The hard part is waiting for delivery, but fear not your T-Shirt will be with you soon enough.