Looking for a unique T-Shirt for that special Stanley in your life? At Teezily there are T-Shirts personalized with many boys including this most classic of names. The name has Old English origins and originally meant 'person who lives by a stony clearing', 'Stan' meaning stone and 'Leigh' meaning clearing. Today, the shortened version, Stan, has come to mean obsessive fan, thanks to a song by Eminem of the same name. You'll hear the name Stan all round the world in different variants, including Stanislavsky, Stanislas and Stanton.

Stanley or Stan: Your choice

All of the cool shirt and clothing projects at Teezily have been designed by people like yourself. Designs are available in cotton tees in short sleeves, long sleeves, vests and sometimes hoodies too. We also sell T-Shirts in fitted women's shapes and in a range from S to XL, so it's easy to find a Stanley shirt that fits. Whether you need a T-Shirt for the special Stan in your life, or you want to celebrate a famous Stan such as Kubrick, Stan Laurel or perhaps even Flat Stanley, you'll find a host of Stanley designs at Teezily.


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