For many years, Cub scouts were encouraged to do their best with cries of “dyb dyb dyb dyb”. Well now we’re inviting you to look your best in a stylish scout t-shirt. We sell various types of garment with a scout theme, all decorated with eye-catching graphics and thoughtful or witty texts. Created by our ingenious sellers, Teezily shirts are original and fun.

Scout around for personalised clothing

Cub Scouting has a long history as a means of personal development. It encourages growth in character, spirituality, health and fitness. If you were in the Scouts or are perhaps a Scout Leader, why not celebrate the scouting program with a philosophical or amusing t-shirt? At Teezily, you can choose from many ready-to-wear garments. Alternatively, you may find a personalised design where you add your name to the text to create a bespoke garment. Designing and printing your own shirts is also possible if you’re shopping for a group of people. For instance, you might want to create clothing for a whole Scout pack to wear outside of meetings. We sell a wide variety of products in a choice of easy-to-match colours, including t-shirts, hoodies and sweatshirts. All sizes from children’s to 5XL are available.


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