Our bold and unique San Francisco shirts let you be part of the bohemian bay crowd, encapsulating playful design themes that will keep you on trend season after season. You won’t find these effortlessly cool designs anywhere else, because the Teezily community creates each San Francisco shirt in the collection just for our customers. With our huge San Francisco clothing range you can stand out in style, whatever your taste.

Celebrate the city with our San Francisco clothing

Inspired by the colourful Californian lifestyle, our San Francisco shirts are versatile items, featuring bright prints, cute phrases and iconic images all printed on soft cotton. Choose to advertise your love of this wild western town, with on point, eclectic and casual pieces that embrace the urban aesthetic. Just let us know the colour you need and pick a size between Small and 5Xl, and then we’ll take care of the rest. For chillier days we have long-sleeves tees, or you can stick to the short-sleeve Teezily originals. So are you ready to let your top do the talking with one of the cool shirts in our bespoke line-up?


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