If you are a pilot, or know a pilot, you’ll be floating on air in a Teezily pilot t-shirt. Our t-shirt collection comes from our own contributing designers, each with his or her own take on the subject matter at hand. You’ll find lots of eye-catching or witty piloting designs, some of them meant for pilots and some for significant others.

Chocks Away on Your Own Clothing Design

The Teezily collection of pilot t-shirts includes many styles of shirt for men and women, including traditional short-sleeved t-shirts, slim vests and long-sleeved hooded tops for colder months. All sizes from S to 5XL are catered for. Some of our designs can be personalised with your own details, making them completely unique to you. Our pilot t-shirts convey many different messages about piloting, some of them funny and others insightful or admiring. A range of popular colours is available, making it easy to match items to your usual attire. The shirts go well with fitted jeans, casual trousers or shorts. High-quality manufacturing with 100% cotton makes every garment comfy to wear as well as long-lasting. Whichever item you plump for, we feel sure you’ll enjoy wearing it for a long time to come.


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