Teezily has created an amazing clothing range, all designed just for you. Do you have an army of elves? If not, why not? The name Olivia has two interpretations. One is that it simply means 'olive branch', deriving from a Latin word. However, in Old English, the names Olivia and Oliver mean 'elf army'. This means that you have one of the coolest names around, and you should be proud to wear it on your T-Shirt.

Make your T-Shirt unique and have it personalised

You can also get Teezily to customise your Olivia T-Shirt if you want to make sure that you achieve a unique look. These versatile tops can be worn with any outfit. Pair your new T-Shirt up with everything from jeans to skater skirts, and make sure to tell all of your friends about this cool range of Olivia themed T-Shirts as well. Purchasing a T-Shirt from Teezily's Olivia collection is a great idea as all of these tops feature: - High quality fabric (100% cotton) - Great designs from amazing artists - Lots of variation in terms of colour and style