When you’re not spending your time competing in netball matches, training or coaching netball, you can still come out a winner by wearing a netball t-shirt. Ideal for expressing your love for sport, our shirts come from our own imaginative designers, each member of which has his or her own take on life—on everything, in fact. That’s what makes the Teezily collection unique.

Score your own design

Don’t get caught offside; give your image a makeover by refreshing your wardrobe with our netbook-themed attire. If netball is your game, Teezily’s broad range of shirts lets you express your passion, identify your interests and maybe create a talking point. We offer netball-themed tees, tank tops, sweatshirts and hoodies. You might see a personalised design among our collection, which only needs you to add your name or details to make it all your own. The Teezily website also offers the chance to get into t-shirt design free of charge, which is perfect if you want to create garments for the whole netball team or even for the wider world. Creating and printing shirts is a great way of raising money for a good cause, too. Make that centre pass today and dodge your way to a fab netball t-shirt.