You might take a medium size in t-shirts, but are you an intermediary between this earthly world and the spiritual world? If so, you’ll love our range of medium t-shirts. Perhaps you’re the spouse of a medium, in which case we might have something for you too. At Teezily, t-shirts are the medium of all our imaginative creators, making this one of the best places to be for original clothing.

Get into the spirit of design

When you’re not contacting the spiritual world, why not send out a message to this physical one with a stylish t-shirt? Choose from our wide range of ready-to-wear creations or add your name to a personalised shirt to make it completely your own. At Teezily, we even offer you the chance to get into creating and printing your own shirt runs. Use our free facilities to launch your own design project. Among the products we offer are short-sleeved and long-sleeved tees, tank tops, sweatshirts and hoodies. Our garments come in sizes ranging from S to 5XL and in a wide choice of easy-to-match colours that sync easily with any wardrobe. Made from 100% cotton, Teezily shirts are also comfy to wear. While we all exist in this material world, our art is the medium of expression.


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