If meditation is your thing, you’ll love the wide choice of stylish meditation t-shirts available in our range. Connect with other meditators among our audience of designers through the clothes that they’ve created. The Teezily meditation range includes all kinds of catchy or funny phrases and eye-catching graphics. Express your inner self through the medium of clothing.

Inner peace by design

In a quiet moment of contemplation, you’ll soon realise why Teezily t-shirts are a good idea. Our collection is unique, diverse and ever-changing. Once you’ve found a design you love, you’ll achieve enlightenment. Our garments usually come ready to wear, but some can be personalised with your own name or details. You can even have a go at creating and printing your own clothes, perhaps for a mediation class you’re running or belong to, or for a wider audience. It’s completely free to fashion a t-shirt using our online facilities. Buy or sell whatever clothing you like; we produce short-sleeved and long-sleeved tees, tank tops, hoodies and sweatshirts. Whatever the weather and whatever the garment, you’ll always look cool. Teezily’s meditation tees are transcendental—of a different realm. You needn’t focus your attention anywhere else.


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