If you’re a professional mechanic or know someone who is, why not buy an amusing mechanic t-shirt from Teezily? Our mechanic’s collection comes from a diverse crowd of talented designers, each with their own angle on the topic at hand. You’ll find t-shirts with eye-catching graphics, witty one-liners and thoughtful reflections on what being a mechanic means. Anyone fixing for a great shirt to wear is in the right place.

Assemble a Personalised Design

Among our toolbox of mechanic t-shirts are ready-to-go designs, which allow you to add your own details for a more individual touch. Perhaps you’ll stick your name on the shirt, or the name of the garage or company you work for. It’s all good. Teezily t-shirts are suitable for everyone and come in wide range of sizes, styles and colours. There are fittings available for both men and women. You might opt for a traditional short-sleeved t-shirt for the summer or a long-sleeved hoodie for the colder months. Manufactured from 100% cotton, our shirts are comfortable to wear as well as stylish. Whatever you feel about yourself and your job, you can say it with one of our unique shirt designs. Order a mechanic t-shirt now—parts and labour included.


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