Some people will never get why recreational math is fun. But that is their problem. we do and here is the perfect opportunity to get a special shirt made to your exact design with whatever mathematical theme you can dream of.

Finally a math T-shirt for those who are comfortable being who they really are

For some people, a t-shirt is just about looking good, but for us nerds, there is a fun element too which has to be introduced. A plain white shirt is not a cool shirt. Everybody knows you have to show your workings. An idea could be to have pi printed running all around your shirt (get it?) or Fermat's last theorem, or your phone number in binary, people won't be able to keep their eyes off your math inspired problem and it will be a lot of fun too. So here's looking at Euclid. Feel free to use this gag as your own, in fact, why not incorporate it into your design? Anyone with a shared passion for numbers and classic movies will be bowled over by your witty clothing.


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