If one animal symbolises courage and strength better than any other, it has to be the lion. Now you can get cool shirt designs to your exact spec, right here, including graphics, text, numbers and logos. This is an ideal choice for a stag party outfit of an informal training kit for your sports team. Strike fear into any opponent like a lion.

Have a lion's pelt clothing as your second skin

If you have ever dreamed of getting a full back tattoo of a lion, you are either a pretty cool kid or someone going through one of those tragic midlife crises. Given that you are looking at the Teezily shirt website, we can safely rule out the latter. While inking might be a step too far the king of the jungle is an enduring image of power and alpha attitude, so a lion T-shirt is the next best thing. Sizes available in store range from small for petite women up to XXXXXL for big lads. There is also a choice of tailoring depending on whether you want to conceal or show off your fabulous body.


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