Could junk food shirts possibly be the perfect piece of clothing to wear while you're chilling out? There's only one way to tell for sure – Get your hands on one and give it a try! Have you got a sweet tooth? Or are you really all about pizza? Maybe crisps are more your thing? Find your favourite flavour and then get a cool shirt to match.

Take a look at these totally tasty shirts

Whoever invented these junk food shirts must have been pretty legendary – and the great thing is that that person is someone just like you! Teezily shirts are designed by the public, which makes the range of designs even more exciting. Just like your favourite snacks, they also come in a range of shapes, sizes and colours, so you'll soon find something you love. And did we mention that they're 100% cotton too? Relaxing with your favourite junk food has never felt so comfortable... Now, where's the ice cream?


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