When you’re not practicing your katas, why not show your love of judo with a stylish judo t-shirt? At Teezily, you’ll find all kinds of t-shirt designs, all created by our imaginative and widely experienced community. The shirts convey many styles of message, from witty and humorous to philosophical and profound. Since judo is a more philosophical discipline than most, its potential for expression is great.

Grab an Original T-Shirt Design with Your Printing

You’re sure to score an ippon if you invest in a Teezily judo t-shirt. Whether you plump for a garment with cool graphics or prefer simple fighting talk, you’ll be onto a winner. Choose from a range of shirts to suit all climates. We sell short-sleeved and long-sleeved t-shirts, sweatshirts, hooded tops (hoodies) and vests. All sizes and both sexes are catered for, and our easy-to-mix colours will sync perfectly with your current wardrobe. Occasionally, you might see a personalised design that lets you add your own name to the shirt. Perhaps you’ll buy multiple shirts for a judo club that you coach or belong to. Judo is literally a “gentle way” of fighting that excludes striking techniques, but you’ll find plenty of striking designs among our collection. Grab your shirt today!


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