Anyone whose job it is to teach and inspire others earns the right to wear an instructor t-shirt. Whatever school you happen to work in and whatever subject you teach, there’s a good chance of saying something about it on a Teezily shirt. Our diverse and imaginative designers come from all kinds of backgrounds, probably including one a bit like yours.

Head of the class in clothes design

At Teezily, we offer a wide range of ready-to-wear clothes, plus personalised items with your name or details added to make them entirely yours. As an instructor, perhaps you’ll enjoy learning how to design clothes yourself, which you can then sell by launching a campaign on our website free of charge. Creating and printing clothes for groups is possible, so maybe you’ll make something special for fellow instructors. Aside from stylish tees, we sell other garments such as sweatshirts, tank tops and hoodies, all in a wide choice of easy-to-match colours and sizes. Made from 100% cotton, our t-shirts are comfortable and long-lasting, and they go perfectly with fitted jeans and other casualwear. Inspiring and motivating others is part of your noble profession, and now you can lead the class in terms of fashion and style.